Complex Civil Litigation

In today's modern business world, many cases presented to the courts for resolution are classified as "complex," meaning that they involve multiple parties, sophisticated multifaceted legal claims, or allegations involving many millions of dollars. Present-day business, trade and commerce frequently involve multiple relationships among enterprises and individuals, and the disruption of these relationships often leads to the filing of a complaint in the civil courts that seeks to adjudicate the rights of all of the parties to the lawsuit.

The attorneys at Jacobs Law Group are particularly skilled at handling complex litigation for plaintiffs and defendants. Examples of such cases include:

  • The simultaneous litigation in multiple state and federal courts in a shareholder rights action and proxy contest for management accountability and control of a venture capital-backed enterprise valued in excess of $30 million and involving scores of interested parties, investors, banks, private equity and venture firms, both in the United States and internationally;

  • Enforcing the rights of a multi-million dollar check issuer against multinational banks and Fortune 500 business enterprises where the check in question had been stolen in transit (possibly while in the Postal Service's custody) and the money had been dissipated via international wires to locations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa;

  • A complex contract, securities, and insurance coverage case involving a highly comples interplay of SEC registration regulations and Pennsylvania state law;

  • A commercial dispute arising under New York state law between an award-winning high technology company producing a critical product used in the electric power industry and one of the country's largest industrial enterprises.

Drawing on their considerable expertise in this area, the firm's lawyers creatively utilize such devices as joinder, intervention, consolidation, class actions, multiple-track discovery, and heightened judicial control of pre-trial proceedings, including active intervention by a judicial officer in the parties' settlement efforts, to accomplish their clients' business goals. In the process, they have earned the respect of courts throughout the country.

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