ADR: Arbitration and Mediation

At the Jacobs Law Group we are proud of our aggressive and experienced litigation attorneys. We are, nevertheless, equally as proud of their ability to employ alternative methods to achieve favorable solutions for clients. Sometimes following litigation through to a potentially lengthy and costly trial is not in the client’s interest. The skill to recognize when alternate means are appropriate is vital to an attorney if he or she is going to serve the client in the best possible fashion.

When we become involved in a case we don’t allow ourselves to be blinded by the simple facts. Since no two matters are the same we set our focus beyond these, on the overall business interests of the particular client, when we create and implement our plan of attack. Often enough we recognize that the costs and risks associated with trial are too high for the client and, if the situation demands it, we will counsel them to use Alternative Dispute Resolution. Through our knowledge and experience with both arbitration and mediation we are able to offer clients attractive alternatives to complex litigation.

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