Class Actions

The term "class action" means a litigation process whereby large numbers of plaintiffs having claims involving common questions of fact and law have all of their claims adjudicated in a single proceeding, against a particular defendant or group of defendants. A class action is generally initiated by a lead plaintiff acting as a representative of a class of similarly situated plaintiffs.

Class actions are theorized as leveling the playing field between numerous small plaintiffs, each of whom may have suffered a loss, and large national or international corporations. The class action allows plaintiffs to aggregate their claims and to seek judicial remedies by spreading the cost of complex and time-consuming litigation over the members of the class.

Typically class actions are not funded in advance by the individual plaintiffs, but instead by the law firms representing those plaintiffs who are then paid out of any recovery as approved by the court overseeing the class action.

Our lawyers have experience in class actions in a wide range of substantive areas. We will consider taking on antitrust, commercial, securities, Magnuson Moss (breach of warranty), and business-oriented class actions on a case-by-case evaluation. However, we no not generally act as class counsel in personal injury, toxic tort, asbestos, or pharmaceutical cases

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