Appellate Litigation

At the Jacobs Law Group we know that the appellate process is not the same as normal litigation. Our tried and tested attorneys understand the key distinctions between trying a case before a jury and arguing a case on appeal. This knowledge, acquired from years of experience handling appeals in a variety of different fields, begins with our appreciation of the law.

The members of our Appellate Litigation group stay in touch with the rapidly evolving laws, regulations and precedents that affect potential appeals. Our attorneys keep abreast of legal developments that have implications on the interests of our clients. It is this commitment to continuing legal education that sets us apart.

Awareness is only one aspect of the Firm’s overall preparation for appellate matters. Before accepting a case we try to judge the merits of the position being debated so that we can determine the most appropriate argument given the state of current case law. Having conducted a sufficient external analysis of the case we then delve into a comprehensive internal review to see exactly how the initial matter developed, from the original strategy to the decision under appeal. This all-encompassing approach puts our attorneys in a position to fully understand the intimate details and the essential questions that form the basis of the appellate matter. Only when we feel entirely comfortable with the issue at hand do we proceed to the formation of a strategy.

Since we conduct such a detailed review of all appellate cases that we accept, the Firm is able to handle appeals of matters tried by other litigators in addition to those that we litigated at the trial level. This flexibility, combined with our wide range of appellate experience and commitment to sophisticated preparation, makes the Jacobs Law Group a logical choice for clients seeking dependable counsel in complex appellate matters.

We have, in the past, been involved in appeals in the following courts:

  • Appeals from Administrative Agencies to the Commonwealth Court.

  • Appeals from the Courts of Common Pleas to the Superior Court.

  • Appeals to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from the Pennsylvania Superior Court and the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

  • Appeals from the United States Bankruptcy Court to the United States District Court.

  • Appeals from U.S. District Courts to the U.S. Courts of Appeals.

  • Appeals regarding patentability of inventions to the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

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