Flexibility: Diverse Financial Options for Clients

Contingency Fees: Commercial Litigation
As a result of business deals gone bad, tortious interference from a third party, or other forms of complex commercial matters, a client may have significant monetary claims. Frequently, the best means for addressing these claims is the often high-cost route of commercial litigation. But what can the client do if he or she does not have the necessary cash flow to fund the litigation of the commercial claim?

The Jacobs Law Group undertakes select commercial litigation claims on a contingency fee basis. By entering into a contingency fee agreement with the Firm, the client is not only spared the cost having to allocate precious cash to its attorneys fees in litigation, but also the Firm has a keen, vested interest in the success of the litigation. We only get paid when the client is paid.

We have handled many contingency fee matters, with the amounts in dispute ranging from half a million to well in excess of ten million dollars. Some of these cases have been litigated publicly, others tried in private arbitration and still others settled in highly confidential face-to-face negotiations, foregoing the need to appear in court.

The Firm subjects each case to a strict series of evaluations based on: the chances of success; the level of difficulty vis-à-vis the eventual litigation; the resources available to the opposition; the amount in question; the likelihood of collection if we prevail and a host of other important factors. We do not take a case unless we sincerely believe that we can win for both the client and the Firm.

Our unique Independent General Counsel offers another interesting level financial flexibility. It provides clients with option of committing to and paying for a fixed set of quarterly hours in exchange for a billing rate that is significantly discounted from our standard hourly rates. This allows clients to afford the security and peace of mind that comes from having full-time representation without worrying about the exorbitant costs associated with in-house counsel.

Personalized Service
At the Jacobs Law Group we strive to offer our clients an unsurpassed level of service and flexibility. We realize that each client is unique and as such we recognize the importance of customized solutions. For example, our contingency fee structure can be adapted for the particularities of each case. Or, if the situation is appropriate, we may sometimes offer a discount from our hourly fees in exchange for a partial contingency fee. We are even willing to construct individual solutions for emerging growth companies through a combination of equity and/or hourly fees. As a goal we strive to not only provide each client with the best quality legal representation, but also with a superior level of service.

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